Silly Patnaik

I have had the privilege of taking yoga classes from Sheetal for over a year now, and it’s truly been a remarkable journey. It helped me build a consistent  routine to focus on my mind and health. Her emphasis on stretching and pranayama exercises has helped me overcome my struggles with walking long distances. Sheetal’s teaching style is quite inspiring with positive affirmations for each exercise, making each session a joy to attend. I am so grateful for the positive impact Sheetal has had on my life, and I truly recommend her as a yoga teacher to anyone seeking improved health and well-being.


Rachana & Bala

Me and my husband feel incredibly fortunate to have found such an exceptional yoga teacher. Sheetal’s teaching technique is truly remarkable, making each class engaging and enjoyable. She goes above and beyond in explaining the asanas, guiding us on where to apply stretches in our bodies, and sharing the purpose of each pose.  This deep understanding enhances our practice and helps us connect with our bodies on a profound level. What sets Sheetal apart is the holistic experience she creates. Through pranayama, short meditation, and asanas with affirmations, she fosters a beautiful connection between the mind and body. This not only helps us build focus but also cultivates a positive attitude that extends beyond the mat. We both are grateful for the positive impact Sheetal has had on our lives. Thank you for being such an inspiring and dedicated yoga teacher! 🤗”


“I loved the meditation course. Thank you Sheetal.”